W7500P equivalent RJ45 from Pulse J0011Dxxx

Hi Guys!
Its is my first post. I maked a board using W7500P following all documentation avaliable( schenmatic V1.3) and I used the Pulse J0011D01BNL (without Led). The board dont connect. I need to know if the rj45 jack is compatible with theW7500P. If not what else? Anyone can help me?


Hello. Fernando_Maesso_Paro

We need to your schematic.
If you don’t give schematic, We couldn’t answer.

Thank you

Hi Edward!
Attached a photo of board and schematic.


Schematic Prints.pdf (34,5 KB)

I forgot 3 resitors 5k1 on Led0, led1 and led3 pins. I put now. But dont work.


It is resolved. W7500p run with J0011Dx. But, on center of TX and RX may be connected to 3V3.

It´s not resolved. The connection is only 10M. My LAN is 100M. We return to RJ45.


Sorry. I’m check late.
Did you solve this issue?

Thank you

Hi Edward, No, I dont solved.

Hmm. No reply to your question? We are reviewing the same controller for some OEM designs.

Review the date code of your W7500P as earlier datecodes have this 10M bug (does not support 100M):

You will want the W7500P R3 version of the IC which is date code 1720+ (Year = 2017; Week 20 or higher).

Also, if you are interested in reducing your bill of materials costs for the design, you can source many valid equivalent RJ45 connectors with magnetics from companies including Link-PP in Shenzhen:

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As a suggestion, consider to add ESD protection devices for any possible transients on the RJ45 connector. Good vendors for such parts are Bourns, Socay (Shenzhen), ST for such ethernet protection.