Stm32 communicating in uart with wiznet 7500p

Hi amazing wiznet community…

I am working with stm32 and wiznet7500p.

I want to communicate with it with uart .

I see that i can change the baudrate start bit and other things from the app gui dedicated.

Which are the default pins RX and Tx which are used ?

If i want to send commands with uart and receive the answer Can I use this llist ?

Thanks a lot

Hello, this is WIZnet Theo.

If you want to use the basic UART communication with W7500p, you should use the following pins on PORT A, C:

  • UART 0: RXD is PA14, TXD is PA13
  • UART 1: TXD is PC02, RXD is PC03

The dedicated app you mentioned is designed for the S2E module based on the W7500 MCU. It is not compatible with the standard W7500P firmware. Additionally, the commands from the link you provided are specifically for S2E modules utilizing the W7500 MCU, and there are no separate commands available for the W7500P.


Hi @Theo Theo…
Thanks for your reply… So if i want to coomunicate in uart with wiznet7500p i must use the uart0 and uart 1 you mentioned ? Can I use PA13 or PA14 ?
Which is the right fw to download to use and test the uart communication with wiznet 7500p?

Thanks a lot

Hello, the photo you uploaded is of a board using the W7500P for an S2E module, which has very limited pinout availability. If you follow this, you’ll find the pinout usage restricted and development will be quite difficult. Therefore, I recommend following the link below for connections. I will upload links containing the schematics, firmware, and reference materials. It would be good to refer to these for your development.

Also, you asked if you could use PA13 and PA14 for UART communication, and yes, that’s possible. You can use those pins for UART 0. Below are the links related to W7500P for your reference.

W7500P Schematic link: Hardware-Files-of-WIZnet/01_iMCU/W7500P/Reference Schematic at master · Wiznet/Hardware-Files-of-WIZnet · GitHub

W7500P Firmware link: GitHub - Wiznet/W7500x_StdPeriph_Lib: Standard peripherals library for the W7500x

W7500P Reference materials link: Documents | WIZnet Document System


Hi @Theo

Thanks for your time.

Just few doubts because it is the first time i use the wiznet device. So your are saying this fw for 7500 p is wrong

and i should use the one you provided in the github page…

Can i still use this too to download the fw in the wiznet by using the ethernet port?

my current situation with the fw downloaded inside


the github link you provided are c and h files not a bin… how can i do that?

My task is to communicate with wiznet with uart with stm32… the fw link you provided is ok?

I would like to know the workflow…

I suppose i have to create a .bin from the github repo you provided…
which ide you reccomend?
One i have created the .bin i can upload on it by using

How to use ISP tool | WIZnet Document System ?

Is it correct?

Can i use this guide but with the github repo for 7500 p?

Once i did where i can find the protocol fopr communicating with 7500 p?

Last question… since my ultimate task it is to use the wiznet as a webserver …
Is it correct to use such library ?

The point is that i would like to create a .bin to have the library for the webserver and also library for uart just to test the communication with stm32.

Once i have download the .bin inside the wiznet … where i can find the documentatio about how to create the packet to transmit ?

I hope to be enough clear

Last observation is that inside the wiznet7500 p there is the fw in the attachments…
But when i try to communicate in uart with him with stm32 i don’t get any answer back…
Moreover i don’t know the protocol

Thanks for explaining
WIZ750SRv129_incl_Boot.bin (66,5 KB)

  1. It appears that you are continually referring to the WIZ750SR documentation to operate the W7500P. However, I must reiterate that the WIZ750SR is merely an S2E module board containing the MCU you are using, and it is unlikely to be a solution to your problem.

Previously, I mentioned, “The dedicated app you mentioned is designed for the S2E module based on the W7500 MCU.” The configuration tool you have uploaded is a “dedicated app for the S2E module equipped with the W7500P,” not an app for developing the W7500P MCU. Therefore, you cannot download firmware to an undesignated W7500P using that app.

If you are not using an S2E module, there is no need to refer to that app.

  1. Naturally, the firmware link I provided on GitHub is a project folder, so it is natural for it to contain .c files and .h files.

If you wish to download FW to the MCU as you mentioned,

Modify the code in the GitHub project to fit the desired operation → Extract the .bin file from the completed project (build in the development environment) → Download using the ISP Tool (UART and the ISP tool must be connected to the downloaded PC, and it must be confirmed that the MCU’s USB port is detected by the PC) → Confirm the operation from the MCU

You must go through these processes.

If you want to build a W7500P project in the development environment, please refer to the document below.

If you want to know about the method of downloading FW using ISP, please refer to the following documents in order.

Hi @Theo

Thanks again for your time…

you said
Modify the code in the GitHub project to fit the desired operation
Can you give me some tips about what to modify for enabling uart and webserver in the github repo you mentioned?

Once I download the .bin (created from the github repository and including the iotlibrary i need for the webserver and the the uart peripherals fro communicating with stm ) by using the isp tool ,
How can I test the communication or the web server ?

this is my current situation… i was able to install keil and compile the template example in the github repo

But now as i told you i need to integrate uart and webserver…
It is not clear to me if it enough to add the libraries here and how ?
Can you provide same examples or link where is described ?

I have found this example for uart

I could try to send data to the stm32 and to see if i receive something…

But then as i said my ultimate task it is send the data in uart and the wiznet should translate them in an automatic way…

For doing this task which is the best example to use?

Thanks again for your time
W7500x.bin (4,3 KB)

first, start and analyze the web server example in this directory. Then, initiate UART communication in the web server example and try outputting the data emitted from uart to the web server. And you can proceed with the implementation of detailed functions on your own.

Thanks @Theo

So it is more clear.

I will try to send some data from stm32 to the wiznet running the web server example you said.
Then when i know the ip adress of the wiznet i can try to check the web page in the dedicated ip address and to see if i am getting some data from stm32.

With the example you provide am I free to send any data to uart without following a specific protocol?

In the example they are using uart1 but in my case since the pins i am using are pa14 and pa13 i have to use uart 0

Is it correct?


Yes, that’s right. It’s a matter of course.