WIZ145SR - Uart 1 keeps reconnecting in Client mode

Please can someone help.
I have the WIZ145SR-EVB. The last 3 ports connect fine using Server /Client /UDP
The first UART1 port cannot use client as it just keeps reconnecting and UDP only can send UDP data to the serial port and not the other way back.
I am not sure if its in some serial debug mode or what I can do to correct it - is there some way to default it?
Thank you Paul

UART1 means Channel #1 right?
Can you check HW Trigger SW pin ‘ON or OFF?’

If you set HW Trigger SW pin to ON, then UART1(Channel #1) will operate Serial Command mode.

Yes I have done that. When on I can communicate but when off it still behaves this way
Even if I disable in the setup

I also asked the engineer in charge, and as a result of actually conducting the test, I was able to confirm that UARTs 1 to 4 were operating normally.

In order to solve the problem, it would be good to show the configuration tool setting values and wire shark packets from the server for all UARTs.

Also, it would be good to make a UDP server on the PC and try the test.

My email address is matthew@wiznet.io.

thank you