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W7100A-S2E Firmware

we have bought this chip with the firmware v. 3.14 preloaded.
Do we have to update at the version 4.03?

I have seen that this version is for WIZ107SR with HW ver 1.4, I use the W7100A-S2E on my custom hardware.

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You can use FW 4.03 on your W7100A-S2E.
If you can search W7100A-S2E with WIZnet’s Configuration tool, then you can upload a new firmware onto W7100A-S2E.

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I am using W7100-S2E with wiz107sr Firmware in my Design. ver 4.04.
Board working fine but suddenly i see that MAC address reset to FFFFFFFF… .
how can i recover the MAC? is any way i can re write the MAC ID?



Please refer to the below link to rewrite MAC address on your module.
[url]Problem with Wiz107SR: not found by configuration tool after firmware upgrade]

And to avoid this issue happens again, please update your module with the latest firmware, V4.06 after writing MAC address again.

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