Programming WIZ550web

i try to flash new fw to WEB550web:

following this: … b_download

First i program:

When i connect to terminal after this i see output message after board reset:
“Medium Density Flash memory”

next i program with file WIZ550web_App.bin

after this nothng - nothing at terminal output.
I am missing something ?

Ofcourse i us 0x8000000 at bootloader and 0x8006000 when i WIZ550web_App.bin

It is my first try with WIZnet chips and ARM after switching from PIC :wink:

// edit
when i burn with .hex file it working but only when i connect ethernet cable. - without not - it’s ok ?

Best Regards

Hi, Robert.
It seems normal operations.

The WIZ550web Init code checked PHY link (LAN cable connection) and If no PHY link, doesn’t work.
You can find related code in W5500_Init() function. (You can modify)

  /* PHY link status check */
  do {
    if(ctlwizchip(CW_GET_PHYLINK, (void*)&tmp) == -1) {
    	//myprintf("Unknown PHY Link status.\r\n");
    	//return 0;
  } while (tmp == PHY_LINK_OFF);