Embedded web server, W5500 or W5300

I am going to design an embeded web server using stm32f407 (st arm microcontroller with SRAM and SPI interfaces).
I am beginner.
This is part of a comunication system for monitoring and control of the system by a pc connected to system through ethenet connection. (loading a web page from the microcontroller to pc by inserting designated IP in web browser on pc)
besides of monitoring and control, upgrading microcontroller and fpga of the system are intended (means transferring files from pc to microcontroller - maximum file size 8MB for each).
some similar system use w5300 for this purpose. I think of using w5500 because of its low price and low size.
Is there any problem or difficulties with w5500 ? Regardless or size and price, which one is easier to work for my design ? also, I think the performance of W5500 must be enough for my application.


yes, I agree,
you’d better use W5500, if you use SPI interface. it’s smaller & newer chip than W5300. :slight_smile:
not big deal~~
and if you use STmicro chipset, then you colud refet to [url]http://wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=products:wiz550web:wiz550webds_en[/url].
It uses STM32F103RBT6 chipset.