W5100 and Wireless Routers

hello! I’m trying to connect 1 client (Arduino + Wiznet) and 1 server (Arduino + Wiznet), the local network (using the same switch or wireless router) works normal!
However, when I make a wireless bridge between two wireless routers, you begin to lose packets and fails. If that bridge wireless routers I connect the notebook into a wireless router and try to access the Arduino that the next wireless router works normal.

could you help me please ??

Hi mwifi

I understand your question is this.

Is that right?

but… I don’t know whther any part of the networks.

please describe in detail.

See the current scenario:

If there is a problem in the source code, I think IP issues.

Laptop is can be holding a many IP. but W5100 shield is holding a single IP.

So You must check the Router IP. Each Routers must have the same Network.

thank you