Issues about 2 Ethernet W5100 Shields in TCP application


I am new to W5100 and maybe this topic have been answered in the past. I could not find anything relative solution in forum search.
I am trying to implement an embedded client-server application with two W5100-based arduino ethernet shields. This is a TCP
protocol application. I follow the datasheet instructions and W5100 libraries and managed to establish a client connection to server but only
if the two slields (client and server) are connected to a hub/router.
Observing the pinouts of the shields, I realized that a crossover RJ45 cable connection must be implemented between client and server in order to communicate each other (transmit server signals route to the client receive signals and vice versa). The fact is that does not work.
Does anyone enconter the same propblem?

Clearly 2 x Arduino One with an eth W5100 shield each… right?
I never directly connected two shields or W5100 module (always with the router between) but with a cross cable must run.
Have you tried the two sides individually to see which side (client or server) does not work?

The only thing I managed to obtain, was to ping the 2 shields (individually) from PC’s network card. It worked with the crossover cable (as it was expected, cause it is considered as a PC to PC connection). Could anyone suggest any examples in TCP mode?

The ping is the minimum but you can use a PC terminal software like TeraTerm or other that allows to establish a socket and at least the client can try it.

I was looking for a testing software, thank you for your suggestion. I will try it.