W5500 socket matching rules

Dear Everybody!

For exmaple I set socket 0 to MACRAW mode, socket 1 to IPRAW mode, socket 2 to UDP mode, socket 3 to TCP mode.

Anybod know the rules how other socket’s mode override socket operation?
For exmaple as far as I known IPRAW mode disable ICMP response engine of the chip.
In example above, socket 0 can disable operation of socket 1-3 beacuse lower lever capture of its packet? Or I can use socket 0-3 together? For example if received packet match to socket 0, then this packet can be match for socket 1-3 too?

Thanks for any advise.


Just bear in mind one thing.

  • Our chips support 4 or 8 independent sockets simultaneously.
    For example,
    socket of IPRAW mode, socket of UDP mode and socket of TCP mode have each other in the destination IP address or destination port.

Try to test our chip.


The problem is this is question of specification.
If I test chip for example revision B1, it can be work in one way. But later revision B2 can work in other way.
That is why I ask principle of operation. If I activate IPRAW or MACRAW socket, then I still use TCP or UDP socket, or its engine become disabled?