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WIZ550web - disabling digital I/O status storage

Hi, Eric and team.
I’m excited about your product - WIZ550WEB. However, I have some questions for further decision on usage in my application.

I found the following explanation in one of your comments:

“Other digital I/O’s status (‘Digital I/Os’ on the webpage) is stored when every changes occurred.”

My questions:
Is it possible to disable storage of digital I/O status anyhow (in Firmware)? I want to restart always at a defined state after reset or power-up, independantly on the settings done before.
Background of question:
I want to apply the WIZ550web in an automated test environment with a lot of digital output state changes. Every setting will degrade life time of flash or eeprom cell, if every state changed is stored in it. Disabling eeprom/flash storage increases lifetime.

If disabling state storage is not possible, what is maximum write cycle numbers of flash/eeprom cells?

If flash/eeprom cell reaches maximum life time/write cycles and is seen as defect, what will/might happen? The system does not work anymore at all? Only data retention is not garanteed anymore and the system will work without getting last stored state at reset/power up.

Thanks in advance for answering.


Hi, bachus.

It’s possible to disable saving I/O status. It can be implemented by modifying the firmware.
Please commented out the I/O status save function in below listed functions at userHandler.c file.


[The name of I/O status save function]
write_IOstorage(&IOdata, sizeof(IOdata)); (commented out this code line)

[Function list]

Our WIZ550web module adopted the STM32F MCU.
It’s minimal 10000 write cycles for internal flash memory of STM32F types.


Hi Eric,

thanks a lot. I will try to disable as you described.


Hi Eric and team,

I have implemented and tested it successfully. I want to thank you again.

Best regards

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