[From QnA] WIZ1000 Timer does not appear to work


We have set the Timer value on the WIZ1000 to 2500ms (2.5 seconds) and are running the unit in server mode but the WIZ1000 is not waiting 2.5 seconds before sending the buffer of data it has received.

Firmware is 1.2

Is this a known bug in the unit. How can we force the unit to wait for all of the data before sending a packet?


Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in wiz1000.
Please update the latest version.
latest version is FW 1.4.
My test result no proble as FW 1.4.
Please try to test.


Apologies we are running 1.4 (my mistake to say otherwise below).
Our software reports receiving three separate IP transmissions less than 10 ms apart even though configured for 2500 ms.
What should we try next?


Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in wiz1000.
Why are you separating IP data?
could you send me detailed information about problem?
Please send me captured file(using wireshark program) about all your operation .
email : support@wiznet.co.kr