SPI data transfer

I need faster transfer than UART so I want to use SPI to sending files from my device. How to achieve it? There is not much information about it in any documents. Only about AT+MSPI command which set Wizfi250 as SPI interface. How should look like transfer and spi frame? How to sends AT commands through SPI? I can’t find it anywhere.


I am trying myself to achieve that but with no much success, I am still waiting answers on my posts. I am not much familiar with programming, I m using flow routine to program my mainboard.

Try this first if you are not familiar with SPI : [url]https://electricimp.com/docs/resources/spi/[/url]

What is the voltage level of your mainboard? If it is 5V then you will need voltage shifter to 3.3V.

Make the appropriate connection to wizfi and you mainboard BUT first connect wizfi through usb cable , open Putty software to achieve communication with PC, baud rate 115200, then send AT command “AT+MSPI = 2” without brackets to set the communication of wizfi to SPI, then you should discover that Putty no longer is connected to wizfi.
Then connect the cables to mainboard and try to send data.

I think it does not need any special frame just use the “send byte” command for spi and normally should be received on the other side.

Try also to connect an android to wizfi and open a TCP client app and see if you can manage to communicate; first set the wizfi as tcp server from the web portal embedded

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Hello oakiedoke,

If you manage to get SPI working, if is not too much trouble for you, please let me know just to exchange tips!

Thank you