WizFi SPI interface

I have a WizFi250 and I have problems tryng to configure the SPI interface. Using an hyperterminal it answers an [OK] when I put a corresponding command to set the SPI com. But when I write AT+MSPI=? it answers: 1,0 [OK] (configured as UART).

I could configure SPI as main interface, so I get the message: ðWWiFi250 Version (WIZnet Co.Ltd (with some errors as you can see). However, my main doubt is how to manage this interface because when I send a command, I do not receive a response from WizFi250. I read in another topic of this forum that I have to send 0xF0 (NULL), but nothing occurs. Are there a doccument that specifies a procedure to handle the SPI interface? Thanks.

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Hi Leandro

OK, WizFi250 has special characters for SPI communication.
I attached WizFi250_SPI_Guide_V090.pdf (213.6 KB) and arduino_driver(spi_example).zip (11.3 KB) .(written for Arduino)