[From QnA] How to do config in my program by vc6.0

This post came from QnA of WIZnet website

hi sir,
I have your module WIZ120SR-EVB, but i do not know how to do config in my program by vc6.0, do you have any doc about this?
something like send broadcast packets to config?
I find you WIZ120SR_configtool source code in disk ,but not write it by vc6.0 ,do you have any example
to do config by vc++?

Dear customer,

Thanks for your interest in wiz120sr.
I think you want to use configuration tool. Is it correct?
If It’s what I’m thinking, you have to execute the WIZ120SR_CFG.exe
This file exist under path.
Unzip the WIZ120SR_Configtool_V1_1.zip

Install the file under path.
WIZ120SR_Configtool_V1_1 > Install_pack > WIZ120SR_config_V1_1> WIZ120SR_config_V1_1.exe