[From QnA] WIZ120SR questions


This post came from QnA of WIZnet website


We are evaluating the WIZ120SR-EVB so that we can integrate the WIZ120SR module into our product. So far we have two questions:

  1. We cannot find L1 BEAD 120R on the WIZ120SR-EVB motherboard? How are the earth and ground planes connected on this board?
  2. Does L1 have an impedance of 120R at 100MHz?
  3. Does L1 have resistance below 1R at DC? I would expect around 0.2R
  4. Are there any alternatives from other manufacturers for the RD1-125BAG1A or RB1-125BAG1A?

Many thanks
Mark Porter


Dear customer,

Thanks for your interest in WIZ120SR.
1.red square box is BEAD 120R.

2. L1 have an impedance of 120R at 100MHz.
3.4. You can use whatever resistance or chip you like.