Comparing the WIZ1xx line

I’m seeking a StE converter, and while looking at Lantronics XPORT’s, stumbled across these.

But I’m trying to grok the differences in the product line. I tried and failed to get the website to invoke “compare” mode. What should I be looking at besides the obvious RJ45/DIN on board or not?


I send you comparable pictures.
The basic functions are very similar, and the module with the latest chip, the W5500, can be referenced below.


Thank you.

I seek:

Single port
RS232 and/or TTL input
RJ45 jack on board
no DB9, just headers
5V input

I may not get all of these.

Your US engineer recommended the 750 series. Looking into that.

The 750 series is still in preparation.
In addition, the 750 series also supports only 3.3V input.

If you use EVB you can use a 5V input, but I think this is not what you want.

Except for the 5V input, the WIZ550S2E is most similar to what you are looking for, so please refer to the link below.