Multiple TCP server ports, single local address on W5300

Is it possible to setup W5300 as TCP server with multiple sockets
having different port numbers, but same local address?
For example, the local address will be and 8 servers
with port adresses 200…207. It succeeds for one port and one
socket, but not for multiple sockets. If I setup 8 sockets as
TCP servers, on the LAN I can see only the last setup socket - I tried to modify the routers routing table also,
but no results yet.

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IP address and MAC address are only one for chip ( are common register ) but all socket can be set in listen mode on SAME or different port number.
So for your solution the problem must be a software setting mistake.

Thanks to Coccoliso, who has encouraged me
to check one more time the socket setup code.
Now the setup is ok and working. For other
developers I can confirm, that W5300 can have
8 TCP servers working with same local address,
but different port numbers. In my case:[200…207]. Even the router does not
need special setup (in this case, DIR-615).