Wiz110SR V5.13 not accepting .0 IPs?

Hi all.

I have the following problem:-

I am using a /21 IP subnet ( of (Usable IP range to

I have tried assigning a WIZ110 the IP of which is perfectly valid since it lies within the subnet. However it appears to be rejecting it and changing it to

I suspect a similar thing would happen if I entered

My feeling this is a bug with not accepting .0 and .255 IPs. However could anyone please shed any light on what is going on?

Many thanks.

Dear shunt010

Maybe, I guess it’s for customer convenience.
xx.xx.xx.0 and xx.xx.xx.255 is not used such as private IP usually.
If there is no problem, please use other IP.


Unfortunately our IP plan requires .0 to be used extensively. We are using WIZ110 to replace previous product and will be buying 100’s.

Unless this problem is sorted, your devices are no use to us.

I made the test version for your case.
Please make sure a binary after upload.

wiz110sr_0513_20160302fortest.zip (19.6 KB)