UART2 register definition not found in documentation

I am trying to figure out how UART2 works, but the manual does not have info on UART2.
I can find references to UART0 and UART1, and 1 mention of an interrupt for UART2 but no registers for this “simple serial port”

Where is the information for UART2? I checked DS and RM.
I can see the mapping starts here 0x4000_6000 but no more info…
Edwin van den Oetelaar

Hello, oetelaar

Thank you for your interests with W7500.

As you found, we do not have UART2 documents… but we have a plan.

Only the information of UART2 is in firmware… W7500x.h and W7500x_uart.h

We call UART2 simple_uart.

Please refer the functions and structure.

Sorry about that… when the documents updated, i will let all users know it

thank you