IAR and J-LINK support

If anyone like me and my customer are looking at using IAR, I wrote a Flash-Loader for the W7500(P) MCU.
Feel free to try it out, works good for now on my side.

Please provide feedback if you find this useful.

Unzip the attached “Wiznet” folder into the Tool Directory @ : $TOOLKIT_DIR$\config\flashloader\

You can now use the IAR projects by selecting the J-LINK in SWD mode and add the “W7500(P).board” file for Flash Loader.
This is done on the project options–>Debugger–>Download (TAB): Select and Override default .board file.
Click on the “…” button and now select in the Wiznet Folder the “W7500(P).board” file

F.Anderson AE for Future Electronics (Quebec City)
Wiznet.zip (5.56 KB)


I am not 100% sure yet but the UART that was made available by the CMSIS-DAP won’t work anymore if the SWD jumpers are removed in order to use the external J-LINK.