WIZnetInterface library for mbed-os 5

mbed-os as of Aug 2016 now exports to IAR tools and others. Its a good starting point.
Has anyone done any work on creating mbed-os supported library?
developer.mbed.org/teams/WIZnet … Interface/

If you find something, please post here. Maybe its not so difficult to do? Any few pointers would be helpful.
A library provide Ethernet to all the small micros that can’t run lwip and don’t have in built Ethernet controller to mbed-os. Seems a no brainier to me.
(this post is not referring to mbed or mbed-rtos)

Ideally, what really needs to be done is adding Wiznet support to the NetworkSocketAPI
[url]| Mbed

By was of an example, this has been done with the WizFi310 Interface (Client only)
[url]WizFi310Interface - This library can be used in mbed driver or mbed O… | Mbed

AND also by way of a good example - the esp8266 Wifi module (running AI Thinker ‘AT’ Firmware. No UDP)
AND the esp8266 Wifi module (running Espressif ‘AT’ Firmware. Client support only)

It could then be supported by the ‘easy-connect’ library

Note: Existing library makes heavy use of status register polling. There is a lot of ‘while(not_ready)poll()’ statements. Its not going to work well if more than one thread is listening on a TCP port. At a minimum it needs to listen to connections without blocking. Ideally use interrupts.

In the meantime, I’ve continued to use the old wiznet library - as described here.
It uses this library:
[url]WIZnetInterface - This is Library using WIZnet Hardware TCP/IP chip… | Mbed