Wizfi250 & W5100 drivers compatible with mbed OS 5.5

we are currently working on upgrade of our arm based mother board, that is equipped with your wifi module Wizfi250.
Wiznet website doesn’t provide wizfi250 drivers compatible with native NetSocket mbed OS 5.5 portion of mbed libraries.
If you have the latest drivers available and compatible with mbed OS 5.5 and you could share, I really appreciate your help.
We aim to establish over wizfi250 TLS/DTLS connection, so mbed5.5 compatible drivers are crucial to succeed.

The same question for Wiznet W5100 chip used for our ethernet shield
Thank you a lot for your support.

Hi, Peter

We are reviewing the current WizFi250 drivers, also next drivers that is compatible with mbed OS 5.5.
It is needed to check a develop lists internally.
As it is updated, we will let you know !!


Hi Tom;

Thank you a lot for your support. Do you have the time estimation when WizFi 250 and W25100 drivers compatible w/ mbed OS 5.5 gonna be available? Ideally e/o August and beginning of sept. would be the bets.

Thank you a lot.

Regards, PeterG

Hi, Peter

I think it will takes at least one and half month.
I am sorry for this.


Dear Tom;

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for asking again, but I’d like to get some update on progress & availability of mbed5.5 compatible drivers concerning W5100 and Wizfi250 - let’s call it release date. In addition I’m wondering how the updated FW for wizfi 250 gonna be distributed. Expectation is you sell module already preloaded / provide FW upgrade procedure for existing ones.
w.r.t W5100 you just release separate driver files.

Thx again for your help.

Regards, PeterG

Hi Jake / Tom;

I posted the updated question for availability of mbed5 compatible drivers for wizfi250 and W5100.
They should be available around this time. Not sure what is the status on it.

Thank you a lot for your support.

Regards, PeterG


Hi, Peter,

I apologize for late reply.

We’re actually still figuring out step by step about the issue.
And we worked a mbed5.5 basic thing(not like SSL), it is available blow link.

We will let you know as it is updated !

Best Regards,