W5500 with NodeMCU

Where I can find library for mini W5500 Ethernet compatible with NodeMCU+esp8266 ?

Thank you.

hi, mehrzad329

There are alot of w5500 clone board.
I think mini W5500 ethernet is not wiznet official product.
Cloud you share the product link?

And this is the official library for W5500. You can use this library for the product.

Thank you

Thanks for your reply

I bought this module.
If it’s not wiznet official product, what is your suggestion?
I’m looking for a mini ethernet to work with NodeMCU+ESP8266.

Thank you.

Thank you for your sharing.

This is wiznet official module and the function is all the same.

I think you can keep using the module you bought with iolibrary I shared.

And also you can use arduino ethernet library for w5500.
If the board you want to use has SPI interface, you can use the module. no problem.

I have never used NodeMCU, but if you share any problem or issue with it, it will be so helpful.

Thank you