Send greater data than Tx buffer on webserver


I need to help with application, where I used module with WIZNET W5500 chip. I using chip as webserver, now I need to send response to http querry (for example image). Unfortunately, buffer of chip is max 32KB, that is maximum size for Tx_buffer if I use all internal memory as TX_buffer for one SOCKET, but I need to send bigger data.

In other applications, file is split to smaller blocks and send as TCP segments (reasembled psů in wireshark). How I can do that with W5500? I try to find answer on web, but without success.

Do you have any tutorials for webserver with W5500?

Thanks for your help.


First, refer to below link.

there is webserver example code to WIZ550web module.

I think, solution is you must modify buffer size.

It is inside code.

you checking below link. and checking W5500 init code.
It is possible modify memory size. … iHandler.c

Thank you