Unable to write to the Tx buffer of w5500


I am unable Write to the buffer until i change the command register to the send.

here is my code:

void readflash(uint32_t addr, uint16_t size){
uint16_t v,j,k, len, pointer;
j = size/256;
len = size - (j * 256);
if (j > 0){
for(v = 0; v < j; v++){
SerialFlash_ReadArray(addr, &read, 256);
addr = addr + 0x000100;
wiz_send_data(SOCK_WEBSERVER, read, 256);
if(len > 0){
SerialFlash_ReadArray(addr, &read, len);
wiz_send_data(SOCK_WEBSERVER, read, len);
SerialFlash_ReadArray(addr, &read, size);
wiz_send_data(SOCK_WEBSERVER, *read, size);

While i am trying to write the 1381 bytes and change the command register to send. i am seeing only a packet of length 101 which is the last set i am writing the to the TX Buffer.

Please refer to a reply in Unable to read the TX Buffer of w5500


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