Buggy w7500p?

Hi support,

We want to use the w7500p but, I see you mention w7500p is buggy here:
[url]W7100A or W7500P?]

  • What bug(s) is it?
  • Is it fixed?
  • do you still recommand w7100a over w7500p??



W7500P is not selling.

W7500P is possible to 10M transmit. not 100M communication.

So, if you want 100M transmit, I recommand W7500 or W7100A.

W7500 is Cortex-M0 and no inside PHY. just MCU + TCP/IP Stack.

W7100A is 8051 MCU and there is PHY + TCP/IP Stack, PHY inside.

So, you must be decide.

more detail information is refer to below link.(contact)


Thank you.


Is the W7500P not going to be produced anymore?
This would have impact on our projects.

I’ve had serveral good 100Mb/s communications and only problems with a specific router.

How about w7500? any bug? Do you recommend for new design?


We have new plan to W7500P.

New chip development to cortex-M3 + TCP/IP Stack + PHY.

but, I don’t know, when start this project.

W7500P is Wisse said, “I’ve had serveral good 100Mb/s communications and only problems with a specific router.”

It is correct.

So, we decide not sell.

So, we give you two plan.

  1. W7100A.
    It is 8051 MCU and there is PHY + TCP/IP Stack, phy inside.

  2. W7500 + External PHY
    W7500 is not insert phy. so, it is need external phy

Thank you

Thanks for your info Edward

Is wiznet going to stop manufacturing W7500P SoC?

I am committed in a huge project that requires it.

Yes, the W7500P is on end of life.
My project is switching to the W7500 + KSZ (PHY).



WIZnet didn’t conclude to discontinue W7500P yet but we don’t recommend our customers use it currently because we are still in trouble to solve the bug of which W7500P has interoperation problem with a few special switches.
We’re trying to solve this issue but it seems to take much longer than we expected.
But many customers want to go into mass production soon and that’s why we recommend them use W7500 and an external PHY instead of w7500P.

I expect that WIZnet must be able to solve this bug of W7500P and release the new revision of it in a few months.

Thank you.


What is the latest status of W7500P?
Does the interoperability bug mean that there will be some cases where the W7500P will not work at all?
10MBit operation will be OK for us, do you recommend we force this mode?
We have several designs using the W7500P in parallel development but to add an external PHY chip is a problem for board real estate reasons.



Hello ianrob,

I have a good news that we almost finished fixing interoperability problem of W7500P.
The new version of W7500P will be released at the beginning of August, officially.

If you are urgent and be able to use it in 10Mbps fixed mode, you can order W7500P R2 immediately.
Otherwise, you’d better wait until the beginning of August for W7500P R3 which is new one.

You will see the bug fixed W7500P in August.

Thank you.

Best regards,

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It is August now… Mouser is carrying the W7500P. How can I tell whether it is R1 or R2 or R3?

I contacted Mouser and they said that although they have stock, they can’t confirm stepping and they are pretty sure they are the old stock. They haven’t heard anything about this bug and/or fixed stepping of the chip. ’

So in short Mouser don’t have the new chips

Did you release W7500P R3?

I have a huge stock of W7500P R2, who should i contact in order to discuss the replacement of those units?

Pedro Herig

@finlayg, @kpkp
Mouser sells R3 regularly.
You can also purchase it from WIZnet distributor

@pherig Please contact sales@wiznet.io.