Custom board using W7500P Not working

Could you review our schematic, it is not working?

Please find link

Dear Nagarajan_V

Everything is not it working?

My opinion is,

  • You must remove the R96, R97, R98, R99.

  • RJ45 GND and system GND should be separated by using a high-voltage capacitor.

Thank you

Thank you for kind reply.
We have already removed R96, R97, R98 and R99.

I did not see any pulses on PA_02 pin. Crystal oscillations are OK.

Reset and boot levels are OK , Any other point need to check?

Dear Nagarajan-V

You sure you’ve done the work of the internal MCU?

EX) firmware download…

In my opinion, if the crystal is work, it seems normal.

However, if the network does not work, the PCB design should be considered.

You have to tell me specifically what the problem.

Thank you.

Dear Scott

Thanks for your reply.
We use preprogrammed W7500P with S2E firmware.
Green LED is on and Activity Indicator is Blinking on RJ45 connector but search through Config Tool, device is not listed.
No response for commands from RS232 side.
No debug message is also outputted.

Dear Nagarajan_V

If so, I think your W7500P seems to be working properly hardware.

Debug messages are output to UART2. Did you check it?

  • Remove R138
  • Either R82 or R83 must be soldering
    • To use RS232 soldering R83
    • To use RS485 soldering R82
  • 28 Pin Pull-Up

Except for this, your schematic is fine.


Dear Scott

Thanks your verification of our circuit
Debug message is not output.
What else can be tested.


Dear Scott

Can you share gerber of wiz750sr-RS232 module.
What is reset time required for the module.