Using W5500's buffers as RAM

Is there any specific setup or procedure required for using TX/RX buffers as RAM or is it as easy as writing to & reading from a specified address?
Which should I use, TX or RX buffer?

Hi, 430things.

You cannot use TX/RX buffer as RAM.

You can use it only as receive or send data buffer because its access is different from RAM.

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According to description:
“New W5500-specific enhancements include a faster and more versatile SPI interface (up to 80 MHz) and [color=#BF0040]ability for the host MCU to flexibly utilize W5500 buffer RAM for general-purpose data[/color], a plus when using low-cost MCUs with limited on-chip RAM.”

How can this be accomplished?

Hi, 430things.

I’m sorry. I have a mistake.

You can use TX/RX buffer as RAM. There are 8 sockets buffer(default assignment is 2KB each) so ,in example, if you not use 7th socket, you use 7th socket buffer as RAM.

So there is no specific procedure. You can use socket buffer assigned.

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