W5500 How to put data in Socket TX buffer


I’ve been working on some bare-metal STM32 stuff and currently I’d need to use the W5500 Ethernet chip… I’ve written the SPI communication, however I cannot put data into the Socket TX Buffer… maybe my code is wrong… but the W5500 doesn’t seem to set the write pointer when I send the new one after I sent the data to the tx buffer (the address for which is read from the tx write pointer)

I don’t have much experience with the W5500 chip, could somebody help me?

Are you success at reading and writing other registers than the tx buffer?
I don’t know what to do for you. If you show your code I can confirm it.
Do you not use iolibrary?
In the case of tcp, data is sent through send() in socket.c.

In addition, I recommend to refer w5500.com .
There are w5500 code for stm32 board, but it is a Chinese site.
You should refer to it using the translator.

The following is an W5500 TCP Server Example on Keil Project.