LED's on Wiznet Module

I have a network cross-over cable connected to the Wiznet Ethernet port and the other end to a separate device that acts as a web server, but the Ethernet port is set as a client.

On the server device both the green and amber LED’s are lit, but on the Wiznet only the green LED is lit. Is this normal for this operation?

I have an ESP8266 WiFi module connected to the serial interface of the Wiznet. I am using the ESP8266 as a WiFi AP but when I try to connect to the device server I get no response. Not sure if this is related to the LED’s or not?


I don’t understand your mean. You said mean, is the wiznet module setting as a client and connecting to a web server?
What modules are you using?

Normally, all green and amber LEDs should be lit.

Please tell us exactly which module you used.
And please let me know exactly the connect configuration.

I’m using the Wiz550s2e module.

The module is powered with 3.3v and the Ethernet port is connected to the web server Ethernet port.
The amber and green led on the server port are lit, but only the green led on the wiznet is lit.

The wiznet is set for client mode with static IP.

What else can I tell you? Do you understand what my config is set up?


RJ45’s orange LED in WIZ550S2E is ‘Activity’.
The green LED indicates the link status, and the orange LED indicates whether the data is transmitted or not.

If the orange LED is not blinking, no data is being transmitted.
As for the webserver, it is going on in your other topic too, so it would be nice if you ask questions from there.