Technical question about the WIZ105SR / WIZ107SR

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My company is interested in buying the WIZ105SR or WIZ107SR unit. But I have a question. We want to use this unit (or units) in combination with a Lopy unit / units (Introduction)

The LoPy unit uses Tx/Rx (TTL level), we want to add Ethernet functionality (for monitoring purposes on a device with a RJ45 socket).

Does the RS232 connection on the WIZ105SR / WIZ107SR provide low voltage levels (TTL) or high voltage levels (15V)?

p.s. if the WIZ105SR / WIZ107SR unit provides 15V on the RS232 side, it’s not usable for us, does your company provide other solutions for:
TXD/RXD (TTL) <> Ethernet ??

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Jeroen Wolf, from Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
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Below link has brief information of all our serial to ethernet products.

You can see that both have 3.3V TTL Interface for serial.
An important thing is that we have another part for RS232 in case of WIZ107SR.

If you want WIZ105SR, then you can order with part name, WIZ105SR.
But in case of WIZ107SR, you should place the order with the part name, WIZ107SR-TTL.
Please don’t use WIZ107SR-RS232 on your order sheet.

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Hi joena,

Both of the products you mentioned support 3.3V TTL signals.

In particular, WIZ107SR offers two models: TTL version and RS-232 version. There is a slight difference in hardware between the two products, so please check the ordering info when ordering the product.(WIZ107SR-TTL / WIZ107SR-RS232).

Thank you both for your answers :slight_smile:
Kind regards, Jeroen

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