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Wiz550io , Arduino due , Mysql_connector (arduino ide)

Hi ,

We want use Wiz550io as hem board on our system for domotics , but we are blocked on connection bug between Arduino due with wiz550io and mysql connector (I cc also him) . For us this module is useful for macaddress stored inside despite enj8260 is more simple and work but not too fast and not have macaddress.

I’ve tried with embeddeist library and wiznet official library but something no work and we are not able to find bug, if you can help us we are interested to use and buy a lot od this board , if not we must change to enj8260

Ref :

Dear asetyde

I have a few question for investigation.
Which version do you use as Arduino IDE?
Do you use ioShield-A or WIZ550io only?


Hi , thanks for fast reply.

I 've tried many library , official wiznet to embeddeist , my version of IDE is last 1.8.3 , and I use with mysql connector library that you can find on library manager of ide,

Module is Wiz550io ethernet module http://www.wiznet.io/product-item/wiz550io/

Arduino DUE is linked as :

(I take it but wire is this , we use our custom PCB )

Unfortunately I don’t have Arduino DUE.
So I will explain for Arduino UNO.

First of all, prepare Arduino UNO and WIZ550io module.
Connect Arduino UNO and WIZ550io module like below.
Arduino UNO pin<->WIZ55io pin

I recommand to use ioShield-A.

Execute Arduino IDE.
Select Arduino IDE Menubar->Sketch->Include Library->Mange Libraries…
Search Ethernet2 library by string.
Install Ethernet2 library.

Find w5500.h, w5500.cpp
Windows OS
C:\Users\your username\Documents\Adruino\libraries\Ethernet2\utility
/home/your username/Arduino/libraries/Ethernet2/src/utility/

Insert the following code in w5500.h


Insert the following code in w5500.cpp

#if !defined(WIZ550io_WITH_MACADDRESS)

For example, you can modify Ethernet.begin function of WebServer code without mac parameter.
Compile and upload by Arduino IDE.
Please refer to the attached file.
WebServer.zip (1.4 KB)


Ok but you can try with mysql library ? this is problem , you can install from Arduino ice library

Mysql is not our support scope.
But I have tested that in curiosity.

You have to use <Ethernet2.h> instead of <Ethernet.h> in MySQL_Packet.h

//#include <Ethernet.h>
#include <Ethernet2.h>

Refer to the test result and file.

Connected to server version 5.5.57-0+deb8u1

Mysql.zip (1.2 KB)


I will try again

If you not try with Arduino DUE it’s not a true test 23

It’s big problem for me , please can you help me

ARDUINO DUE in not assimilate to Arduino uno , there are some issue also with Ethernet2 library , we want use your module but it’s not possibile if not work with Arduino due and this mysql library , first order can be 100 pieces to up , please take a Arduino due and help us

I can send you a Arduino due , we must begin from this , and produce many pieces .
I’ve tried with w5100 shield and Arduino ethernet standard library and all go , problem is , I think between Arduino sam and w5500 core , all in ethernet library.
Need to be updated

Ethernet2 library already is used in WizArduino(ATSAMD21G18).
If you can send an Arduino Due to me, please refer to the following WIZnet HQ address.

I will investigate after receiving a target.

Hi , thank you so much for reply , we need a full working library to work good. We use UDP and mysql connector together and at now ump work so so , mysql no . I send you in private message tracking id of shipment and link with pack test software .
We send to you a sample of our product , composed from Arduino due , zeus board , wiz550io . Thanks and we wait


I receivied your target board.
I have tested after code modification.
It works fine.
I upload my test images and code.


test_mysql_wiz.zip (1.9 KB)

Can you can give your library ?
How do you print Mac address ? ( I want take to my code to put on database )

I attached library files.

Ethernet2.zip (62.3 KB)
MySQL_Connector_Arduino.zip (409.2 KB)

At now work very fast and perfect , your library is quite different to ethernet2 I think . Thanks so much
Please , wizen can collaborate with ours to create a unique pub model ? is possible , use address given in private message .Thanks Jim

Arduino UNO + W5500, ethernet2 libs
Instruction Works
2017-09-17 (2)
Thank you!

Congratulations about working well.
If you need a business inquiry, please contact to sales@wiznet.io

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