How to test the timeout condition iin wiz5100

Hello ,
I want to detect the timeout condition for wiz5100(my module acts as a server) , For this i connected my wiz5100 module to my P.C. and established a connection to one of the port of my module . I have used the SEND_KEEP
command which makes the module to send 1 Byte data continuosly to detect wheather my connection is ok or not . But i am not confident about how to test this case I have enabled this command for a particular socket only after it receives some data from user provided it is connected first .
What i tried is , I simply removed the ethernet cable on the P.C. side(it acts as a user end in my case) but i didn’t got any TIMEOUT or DISCONNECT interrupt . It simply showed "connect fail " on AX1 software .
Can you help me out to test the above condition .

Your test procedure is correct.
If you remove the Ethernet cable at the PC side, AX1 can’t connect the W5100 and show “Connect Fail”.
At the W5100 side, you need to check the Keep alive packet is sent or not.
If it’s sent correctly, W5100 should have TIMEOUT interrupt.