How to test the timeout condiyion in w5100

Hello ,
I want to detect the timeout condition for wiz5100(my module acts as a server) , For this i connected my wiz5100 module to my P.C. and established a connection to one of the port of my module . I have used the SEND_KEEP
command which makes the module to send 1 Byte data continuosly to detect wheather my connection is ok or not . But i am not confident about how to test this case I have enabled this command for a particular socket only after it receives some data from user provided it is connected first .
What i tried is , I simply removed the ethernet cable on the P.C. side(it acts as a user end in my case) but i didn’t got any TIMEOUT or DISCONNECT interrupt . It simply showed "connect fail " on AX1 software .
Can you help me out to test the above condition .


Did you mean 'i didn’t got any TIMEOUT or DISCONNECT interrupt ’ is Sn_IR never be changed??

If you that, I think you had accessed wrong address.

Please, check your code and try one more.

And you can test timeout condition by your method(just disconnect lan cable).

Best regards.