W5500 - Managed switch Unifi

The managed switches by unifi are unable to see or communicate with the w5500 on the network. Even when the w5500 is in another switch elsewhere on the network IE if the traffic for w5500 passes through a Unifi switch it is unable to communicate with the w5500. It is working fine on other switches on the network including the Cisco as long as i change the previously determined auto negotiate settings for the cisco router.

when connected directly to the unifi switches or when the traffic from any device to the w5500 passes through a unifi switch its no longer reachable. I am unable to see the w5500 if its connected directly to the unifi switches.

Any help on this would be appreciated thanks.

Hi codyhanks

unifi Please let me know the LINK and ACT PIN status when you connect the W5500 to the router.

The LINK PIN should be LOW and the ACT PIN BLINK.

Thank you.

If it is proven then issue is not in electrical connection thus looking at the LEDs will not help much. There must be some logical issue, for example:

  • bad/conflicting MAC address;
  • bad/conflicting IP address;
  • Unifi switch has some rules against packets sent from W5500 (based on MAC or IP address);
  • W5500 is being configured incorrectly and only this switch does experience problems with it;
  • and finally, switch performs DPI and, again, sees something wrong or has some rule to discard the packets.