NM7010A-LF Problem

Hi guys,
My NM7010A can’t connect with wifi router TP-LINK TL-MR3420.
On my PC already detected for TP-LINK, but when i send address to NM7010A the result is not found on my browser.
It is ok, If my NM7010A connected directly to LAN on my PC.
Can you help for my problem? is it need some setting for my TP-LINK?


What kind of network configuration NM7010A static or dynamic IP ?

If you use static IP, you should configure source ip address,subnet mask and gateway IP supported by the router.
The IP address should be within the range ip address supported by router and the subnet mask should be the same also.
And the gateway ip should be the ip address of router.

If you use dynamic IP, check the mac-address of NM7010A to register to the router using “Active Client Listing Monitor”.
Refer to “4.7.2 DHCP Client List” in TL-MR3420 user guide.

Thank you.

Same problem.With version 964 it works.Compiled with this version, the app crashes at the splash screen.