Ethernet sheild vs wiz750sr


I have connected pc and wiz750sr evb ttl rs232. I need to send a value to a website. I have a code of arduino ethernet sheild to do the process. Does the ethernet sheild code works for wiz750sr evb ttl???

If so how to do it.

Or can you tell me how to send value from arduino to a server.


All ethernet packat relate to TCP/IP 4 layer (OSI 7 Layer).
So, WIZ750SR send data using application layer such as IPA protocol.

But, Web site need to HTML format.
It deosn’t use IPA protocol.
If you want comunication to Web server, you should modify WIZ750SR code.

WIZ750SR base code locate is refer to below link.
GitHub - Wiznet/WIZ750SR: WIZnet Serial to Ethernet(S2E) module based on W7500 chip, WIZ107/108SR S2E compatible device.

If you want more detail information, I recommend that wireshark tool.
This tool can captures ethernet packet.
So, you can captures to wiz750sr and web server packet.
Wireshark download link is you should search to google.

Thank you.