[Modules] How to download latest firmware


WIZnet support to the latest firmware on modules.
Please refer to below link.

  1. in case of WIZ750SR, users enter to GitHub page and WIZ750SR tap.
    If you want source code, as below picture to click to “Clone or download” and “Download ZIP”.
    The user can customize this codes.

  2. If you want just bin files, as below picture to click to releases tap.

  3. Download bin files.
    WIZ750SR-1xxv123.bin: WIZ750SR-1xx series app bin file.
    WIZ750SR-1xxv123_incl_Boot.bin: WIZ750SR-1xx series boot + app bin file
    WIZ750SRv123.bin: app bin of WIZ750SR file.
    WIZ750SRv123_incl_Boot.bin: boot + app of WIZ750SR bin file.