wiz 5500 miso dont response via scope

I started to work on the evaluation board wiz5500WEB and I didn’t found any code that I can use to make it work as it was before I use my software, do you have the example code that the board comes with ? or any information that can help me, for example: when I want to communicate wiz 5500 via spi, there is an echo command that I can use to find out if the spi is working? More over about the pmode pins 1 2 3,If their state is 1 by default (hardware) this can work?


You will find drivers and code, datasheet, explanation of SPI operation and circuit diagram here: http://www.wiznet.io/product-item/w5500/

thanks for the quick answer.

another question about wiz 5500 if i send command in spi i can see via prob with scope,the the wiz getting the command but always return zero , maybe the wiz isnt configured correctly? also i tried to get phy link and the same result ( no phy link)

sorry for the broken english

Please provide picture of all the SPI communication under consideration.

pay attention to the name of the image

Not sure if these pictures are useful - not possible to understand what are the atual waveforms, and how data signals relate to clock signal.

Hi~ I don’t understand your waveform… But if you connect MISO line properly, MISO value is confirm like under.

ADDH -> MISO : 0x01
ADDL -> MISO : 0x02
OP   -> MISO : 0x03 .......

If you don’t it value, W5500 didn’t operate SPI communication.

i attached new images of scope showing the clock aligned with the miso,mosi & cs

As @irina_kim said, your SPI communication does not work (MISO must show 1-2-3 return bytes). Please explain the scope pictures above and tell us what are you trying to do.

Additionaly, my circuit devients from the recommended electronics scheme.
Pin (22) 1V2O is connected with a 0.1uF capacitor instead of 10nF as suggested
Pin (20) TOCAP is connected with a 10uF capacitor instead of 4.7uF as suggested
Pins (30&31) XO & XI are both connected (with a crystal) to two 0.1uF capacitors, instead of 18pF

Can this affect the operation of the device?
(at the moment i have no control over the electronic part of this project)


I am trying to send a basic command which will will write a value to a specific register (GAR (Gateway IP Address Register) [R/W] [0x0001 – 0x0004] [0x00]), and then read this register to check that the write operation was successful.
the 4 0xFF are dummy bytes, to do the actual reading

uint8_t arr_w = {0x00, 0x01, 0x07, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04}; //write command
uint8_t arr_r = {0x00, 0x01, 0x03, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF}; //read command

So you mean that the MISO should responds with non NULL values while i’m in the middle of writing the actuall command?
does the device follows the rule of simply counting the bytes that it has received so far ?

Your misconfigured pins 20, 30 and 31 will of course affect the operation. You must comply to the values of the reference schematic, and read datasheet for connection guidelines.

Your W5500 simply can not operate properly because you have it wrongly connected.

Thank you for your efforts
I will update

after some adjustments I received signals in miso and mosi
but the phy link still dont work, any suggestions?


Now your diagrams look better, it is hard to judge on their validity though.

You should at least design PHY circuits properly, and plug network cable into the RJ45 connector. Then you will see link LED turning on.

Could you read the PHYCFGR(0x2E of Co) register?
If phy operate, last bit value (low bit0)is ‘1’.