Can WIZ750SR change the MAC address multiple times?

Hello. We are working with the Wiziwiki-W7500P and have compiled the S2E firmware using the #define WIZ750SR → uploaded to our W7500P on this kit. Then ran HW terminal to change the MAC address for the first time. This worked to “AA:BB:CC” format.

Can we change this MAC address to another? If not why? Another user noted that the MC command is one time use only on the W7100 CPU so concerned about this restriction.

After this programming, should the Wizconfig tool work on W7 64 bit? Tested 0.5.3 and 0.5.5 and both are crashing after pressing the SEARCH button (rest are defaults on this program).


who noted that and where did you see that? The W7100A can be programmed several times with a new MAC address.

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