Problem - MQTT WizFi310 publish to thingspeak channels

Dear Wiznet support,

I am currently attempting to use your WizFi310 EVB device to communicate and publish data to thingsspeak using the MQTT AT commands.

I have easily achieved

  • Connection to Wi-Fi

  • MQTT connection with the thingspeak channel - MQTT indicates [OK] - so everything is working .

My next step is to publish to a channel/field. I would appreciate if you could help me with the correct syntax for the MQTTpub command please.

I have verified via MQTT.fx that I can publish data to think speak using the following syntax.

Here is a log example if the message successfully published to the thingspeak channel a few minutes ago

sucessfully published message field1=100&field2=160&status=sent to topic channels/254968/publish/XXZZ11SHLHX5EXX (QoS 0, Retained: false)

How do I use AT+MQTTPUB to send the data to the channel fields on thingspeak? what is the correct way to form the command text?

many thanks for your assistance

all the best


there is a way to connect to MQTT broker and publish data.
please refer to the following MQTT Commands in WizFi310.

WizFi310 Version (WIZnet Co.Ltd)








[Link-Up Event]

IP Addr :

Gateway :

[OK] # finish association with AP
# set Broker Domain if you want to use DNS






# now we provide MQTT keep alive time 30s ~ 300s


# set broker IP to "" if you want to use DNS



# subscribe topic "channels/254968/publish/XXZZ11SHLHX5EXX"


# publish 33-bytes data to your topic "channels/254968/publish/XXZZ11SHLHX5EXX"

# you have to input your data(33-bytes) after "[33]" message. 33 is a length of your data

# if you fill the data you decided to publish, you can find "[OK]" response.

# this is a message that WizFi310 received, because you already have subscribed to the same topic with publish