WizFi MQTT usage

Hi WizNet Team,

My company is evaluating the WizFi360 Module for future products in larger scale to allow usage in building management systems. For this we want to make use of the existing MQTT client implemented in this module.

From far what I understood the WizFi360 module can only publish 1 topic and subscribe 3 topics at the same time when a MQTT connection is active. Can you confirm this? Are you planning to extend this limitation? For our current planned use-case this would be not enough (escpecially only 1 topic for publishing).

The description of the WizFi310 module’s AT commands regarding MQTT looks different. Is this correct? The logic of the MQTT commands here sound way better and more flexible allowing handling of multiple topics at the same time and with the same connection. Why the command behaviour is different from WizFi360? Can you explain?

Thank you in advance for answering my questions.


Refer the picture below for publish 1 topic and subscribe 3 topics.

Unfortunately, We have no plans to extend the limitation.

The reason different from WizFi310 is because of insufficient memory.

Next time we revise WizFi360, We’ll review your opinion.