W7500P-S2E MAC


We bought the W7500P-S2E from W7500P-S2E WIZnet | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey

It states ‘W7500P + WIZ750SR FIRMWARE + MAC’

I wonder how we can know the MAC address that is programmed in.

I’ve tried reading it out via

char* getMACAddress();

from the WIZnetInterface.h file (mbed-os), but this gives me MAC 30:30:3a:30:30:3a which is incorrect I presume.

The mac address is needed to create a WIZnetInterface object as the init function requires a mac address (when using static IP).

int init(); //With DHCP
int init(uint8_t * mac); //With DHCP
int init(uint8_t * mac, const char* ip, const char* mask, const char* gateway);


Hello jonbas,

W7500P-S2E is a diffrent from W7500P itself.
It has application code running on W7500P and MAC address is stored at the specific area of internal Data Flash.
When W7500P-S2E is powered, it runs its code and read MAC address from the Data Flash.
And it initializes itself with network informations like MAC address, Local IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and so on which are read from the Data Flash.

With W7500P-S2E, you don’t need to set the MAC addres up because it will be done automatically when it is powered on. If you want to know its MAC address, then you can get it with a serial command or using its configuration tool.

For more detail, please visit wizwiki.net.

As W7500P-S2E works the same as WIZ750SR, you can refer to the above.

Thank you.