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Data being transfered is corrupted

Why I get dummy data while debuging my system via Device Terminal . E.g. Serial communication sends character ‘R’ Network receives character ‘+’ and the oposite makes the same. Network sends character ‘R’, Serial communication receive character ‘+’. Definitely the connection is established, but the data is being corrupted somehow. This is the debug message I received:[quote]V®«WЧ±ЇX¬¬]^UЧWЮ=[/quote] I checked the BAUD rate and the other serial settings at least 10 times for both devices. They match for sure!
Please help!

Which modules do you use?
When occurs the problem? (When you turn on the module?)
Is the Debug message option turn on?

Hi rikotech,

How about checking serial configuration of both parts, our module and terminal program on your PC?
It happens normally when those configuration are different, for example terminal program is set with 8 bits data and no parity but our module may be set with 8 bits data and even parity.

Check it first.

Thank you.


I am so sorry! I was so confussed while I was writing the topic, that I forgot to type the device name. I am working with WIZ107SR. My goal is to connect my embedded system PIC18LFxx50 to an internet, so i can monitor and control the microcontroller. To avoid the restrictions of the controller (static rs232 settings), I use http://store.comet.bg/Catalogue/Product/15369/

Via Device Terminal Program

For bether understranding I will share (till tomorow) the prtscreens with Serial Communication settings of both (Wiz107 and CHIPI-X10)

[quote=“ywkwon”]Which modules do you use?
When occurs the problem? (When you turn on the module?)
Is the Debug message option turn on?[/quote]
The device is Wiz107sr
The problem occures, each time the connection is established(communication led lights)
The Debug message option turned on?

I can’t really understand why you got such a wrong result.
Corrupted serial data results from mismatched serial setting, but according to your first post you said that you did check it several times.
So, I can’t expect what may be the reason.

There are two types of WIZ107SR and several hardware revision types for it.
Would you check its revision number and whether it has RS232 transceiver chip ?
Its revision number is written on the board with white silk and you can find out whether there is RS232 transceiver or not, when you see the bottom side of WIZ107SR.

Anyway, I hope you check all configuration once more because, you know,we miss a chance to find a howler.
I have also many experiences that I found out the reason which was annoying me for several days is because of my foolish mistake and I wondered why I couldn’t seek the reason then.

rikotech, please check it again.

Thank you.


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