Wiz107SR garbage data (RS232) {SOLVED}

Hello Guys! On the picture bellow you can see the settings I have made on WIZ107SR in conf tool. The problem is that I am still getting Garbage data. I checked baud rates at least 5 times, but I didnt see anything wrong. Please help!

Product WIZ107SR
Configuration tool:
Firmware: 3_14.
PC interface: Device terminal 1.0


Thank you in advance!

Uncheck “enable debug message output”

If enabled, the debug message output to serial port number. It is useful for debugging WIZ107SR.

Thank you.

Thank you for reply!
The purpose I use it is exactly to debug my serial connection, hence I was able to see it doesnt work. Nonetheless I unchecked the debug message, afterward I sent/received a single character data trough Device Terminal Program 1.0 and I still get corrupted data.

If the debug message display is no problem any more, the baud rate is likely to matter.

So, Please test as the below.

  1. Short TX/RX siganl with jumper or connect in WIZ107SR. (TX/RX loopback)
  2. Send data thru ethternet.
  3. Check the data to be received from ethernet.


Thank you midnightcow!
I tried what you suggested. The result was [quote]LGSEG:CONNECTED[/quote]. Ok, so the device seems to work well in “stand alone mode”.
Then where am I wrong? I am pretty much sure it is on BAUD rate. Anyway, this is my test scheme:


I am waiting for my oscilloscope to return from the service so I can determine tha actual BAUD rate.
A question is if the WIZ107SR serial port is TTL or RS232?
If the data being transmited is inverted or not?
Dont get me wrong, I have read the datasheet, but I have no idea what might be wrong in this case.

WIZ107SR was released ‘TTL’ and ‘RS-232’ version both.
if you can find U2 ‘RS-232 transceiver’ (refer to WIZ107SR partlist) on your module, you have WIZ107SR RS-232 version and if not, it’s TTL version.
(Please check your board revision first. before revision 1.1 was released RS-232 version only.)

WIZ107SR RS-232 version is no need to use ‘TTL - RS-232 transceiver’ (like MAX3232).
if you want to use DB-9 port, please connect the port directly on the module.

Thank you so much Guys!

Yes it has!
The problem was I put MAX3232 after the module which has already such.
Now everything work perfect.
Thank you again! :smiley: