Promicious mode

does it support promicious mode for use in network traffic monitoring device?

All TCP/IP chips provided by WIZnet supports on promicious mode.(we call MACRAW mode).
In MACRAW mode socket, You can sniffer all the packet on ethernet. But, Notice that some packets are to be lost because SOCKET buffer size is not enough.

For more detail, refer to the related chip’s datasheet.


Hi Think01,

W5500 support MACRAW mode.
Raw packets can be sniff in this mode.

Refer to MACRAW mode in datasheet and reference code as below,

Driver Ethernet (Berkeley Socket type APIs) 1.0.2 :

In MACRAW mode, socket / sendto / recvfrom / close function are used.

  • Socket number ‘0’ can be only open in MACRAW mode.
    socket(0, Sn_MR_MACRAW, dummyport, 0)
    sendto(0, buf, len, dummpyip, dummpyport)
    recvfrom(0, buf, len, dummpyip, dummpyport)