W5500 ping not working

Hello, I am new to the wiznet w5500.
I interfac it with stm32, I am able to perform basic read, write operations on wiznet.
I set mode register 0x00
Gateway :
Subnet :
I also set MAC properly…
I have confirmed all set parameters by reading them back.
When I connect wiznet module to dlink router, link led and act led blink continuously with a period of 1sec and when I connect module to my pc, both led ON continuously… Act led on Pc side blinks very fast.
I am not able to ping module in both the cases…
Please suggest solutions / suggestions if I am doing something wrong

Hello, piyushghatole
There is not enough information.
Please give me more data.

  1. Check your pc network infomation.

  2. What example were you using? please, show me your code.


Hi~ piyushghatole

For part of the answer, you have to confirm the PC IP address area is 192.168.0.xxx whether or not.
Also, if you use the DHCP from router, W5500 must be assigned an IP address by DHCP.
First, I think you connect PC and W5500 module via Lan.
You should communicate the ping test after PC IP address set and W5500 IP address set


Thank you for the reply…

Network information

I have connected the Module directly to my computer…
IP address of MY PC is
Module IP
But, not able to PING

Hi~ piyushghatole

First, I think you should check the read/write operation.
If you read the Version Register(0x39), you can confirm the 0x04 at return value.

Second, I recommend you wish the reference project.