MQTT missing configurations

We are developing code to use the WizFi310 in our product, and also testing its features, the main feature we are using, is MQTT connection.
We noted that there is no way of configuring the retain, qos and “clean session” flags, or at least we didn’t find it.
So i would like to confirm this issue, and knowing if there is any chance of receiving an update, that allows to configure those parameters, or at least, the retain flag, when publishing messages.
The issue with the retain flag set as default when publishing, is that the last message will be received by any subscriber, and we are sending “real time” data, that only makes sense if received at that moment.
For example, the weight of one device, that could be already gone of the system “scope”, the message only had relevance when it was actually sending the message. That “delayed” message will cause issues, like the system supposing that the device is inside the measurement “room”, when it could be already departed.
That are just silly examples to try and explain the reason of why is important to have that feature as configurable.


Currently WizFi310 is not provided to set MQTT flags like retain, qos, clean session.
they are only fixed flags in the module.

so if you want new function into the module. please request it through the place where you purchased.