What WIZnet product to use

Hi There… Really happy to learn of WIZnet and wi-fi internet control options!!!

I need some assistance to get pointed to the right direction.

I want to set up a dedicated wi-fi hub, of which will have a server. Via a website (to be created) want to control up to 24 lights in a large room, many will be on/off but some will be sliding dimmed on/off, and others will change colors on demand. Because the room is quite huge need to use wi-fi or wireless remote control. As for the embedded controller, think Arduino will not have enough resources, so may try a Beagle Bone Black for starters.

Any suggestions on the appropriate WIZnet products to get me started in the right direction will be sincerely appreciated! :slight_smile:

It seems your requirement as below. Please let me know if there is misunderstanding.
-. Wi-Fi module have web server function.
-. Web page can be customizable to control up to 24 lights
-. Having Interface to lights.


Yep… That basically sums it up. As a HW/SW designer, I can design the lighting control module (of which there will be many for different specific lights high up in the 50 ft. ceiling across the room), just need an adjacent interface that it can plug into that picks up the cmd signal from a person using an iPad (or a laptop PC with the website on screen) likely standing in the middle of the room.

There are some limitation as below.

  1. Wi-Fi module have web server function. <= Ok.
  2. Web page can be customizable to control up to 24 lights <= Currently the web page is fixed for configuration of WiFi module so I think it’s hard for user to customize it.
  3. Having Interface to lights. <= Current our module’s interface is UART and you need additional MCU to interface lights.

I think if you don’t use the web interface, other limitation can be resolved.

Well… The 3rd item is no problem, as I can simply implement an Arduino, etc. But (2) is a real showstopper, as definitely need to make a custom web page. What I observed in some of the WIZnet documentation, I thought were very crude examples (excuses) of webpages, however I assumed they were meant as mere simple examples, and not restrictive in shape and form.

It is simply not on/off control, and there will be other peripheral features I’ll want to add in (e.g. monitoring various environmental conditions). Regardless, I need to implement my own graphics for buttons, sliders, etc. I’ll look into this further, but if what you say is true, this WIZnet is basically useless to me. This is an unfortunate and a real drag to permit usage of this technology in any commercial application if one cannot make their own custom web page interface.

Many sincere thanks for your responses and assistance. :slight_smile:

I understand your requirement and thank for your valuable feedback.
Unfortunately it’s not allowed for customized web page.
However we’re now developing the web server module(Ethernet). Is it possible to use it in your project?