[From QnA] WIZ200WEB-EVB Serial Ports

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I have a WIZ200WEB EVB and it works great but I need to be able to control external devices via the serial ports. For example I have a media player that can be controlled by RS232, so I would like to simply press a button on a webpage, send the data through one of the serial ports and then get a response to process and display on the webpage. ( for exmple press PLAY, send it down, get a response and convert to the word Playing on the page ) I can send data out using the same scheme as the LED controls but has to be hard coded and will get messy after many buttons.

So my idea was to perhaps have a look up table ( in a .xml file maybe) that links the button with data to be sent. Have tried many different things with varied success and I must admit my html coding is down near the newbie level :slight_smile: and there are not too many comments in the example code so some it can be a hard to follow. So I can’t even figure out how to a fseek!

Any ideas on how to send and receive serial data would be much appreciated.


Dear customer.

Thanks for your interest in WIZ200WEB-EVB.

I will advice procedure with example.

First, if some action in web page occurs, web data is transmitted to MCU in WIZ200WEB board.

So I will take an example about LED config.

If you check first LED box and click the LED Config dialog box, html source code is transmitted to MCU(you can see source code in dout.html)

Second, parse_http_request function performs in main.c at firm_rev1.3\main\ex03_webserver folder.


parse_http_request(http_request, buf); // After analyze request, convert into http_request


Then, http_request gets information. And find information of led0 by using get_http_param_value(http_request->URI,“led0”) function.


if((param = get_http_param_value(http_request->URI,“led0”))) {

	if(!strcmp(param,"on")) 	{


		uart0_putchar(0x08,NULL);  // <- inserted function for e.g.

		uart0_putchar(0x08,NULL); // <- inserted function  for e.g.

		uart0_putchar(0x08,NULL); // <- inserted function  for e.g.

		uart0_putchar(0x08,NULL); // <- inserted function  for e.g.}

	else			led_off(0); }


Third, find parameter about led or etc.

I use uart 0 port for data transfer using uart_putchar().

Then you can see data transfer has done.